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Shorinji Kempo Ukrainian Training Camp 2016 in Kraków

Date:      15-17 of April, 2016 

Location:  Klub Sportowy AZS AWF, ul. Śniadeckich 12b, 31-531 Krakow, Poland


The Dragon is symbol of Krakow town, that’s why You can find it in the name of training camp. This Camp is not be included to pass the exams. It is planned to intense training program for all levels, which will be carried out by a team of European instructors. You can be sure to have a great time on “Sayonara-Party” with wonderful atmosphere and friends. Krakow it’s one of prettiest town in Poland, our Dojo is only 10 minutes walk to old town, Royal Castle Wawel, Dragon — Smok Wawelski and many many more! All this things with hard trainings Shorinji Kempo leave an unforgettable impression!!!




If you want to stay in a hotel or hostel, we recommend to book as early as possible. The inner city is always well booked — especially the cheaper rooms. If You want, we can support You. Please registrate till 15.03.2016. Sleeping at training hall is not possible.

Hotel / Hostel in area:

    • http://www.quality-hotels.pl/
    • http://www.hotel-florian.pl/
    • http://www.hotelfelix.pl/
    • http://www.appenahostel.eu/
    • http://www.dtlipsk.pl/ 



Sports Hall AWF

address: Klub Sportowy AZS AWF, Śniadeckich str., 12-B, 31-531 Kraków


Gospoda “KO KO”

address: Golebia str., 8, 31-007 Kraków


      • If you need more information or help, please do not hesitate to write or call to Krzysztof Kmiecik (Chris)
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      • Phone +48 792 99 55 10


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